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Collaboration when encountering a new or unknown specimen through vector surveillance can be very helpful.

Neighboring mosquito control districts can be alerted and on the lookout for mosquitoes of concern and members of the group can assist with identification when the need arises. You may find yourself in need of specimens for teaching, training, or research. This is an excellent resource for acquiring material for those working collections and making professional connections with colleagues. 

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Mosquito Specimen Identification Inquiry

When posting an inquiry about an unidentified specimen to the forum, please indicate the ecological setting the specimen was acquired in (sunlit pool, tree hole, etc.), method of collection          (ex. CDC light trap with dry ice), time of day and region of the country (the more specific the better). Posting quality images from multiple angles is also beneficial. Thank you. (send message below)


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Proper Mailing Procedures

We want everyone to have a positive experience with EntoExchange.  Curating specimens for shipping is an important part of the process. Please let us know if there are any suggestions, questions, or concerns that you feel need to be brought to our attention to ensure quality specimens. Thank you.


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